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What are your most difficulties when travelling to Vietnam?

Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit with diverse local culture, traditional masterpieces and alluring nature. Tourism is also very high in Vietnam with people visiting from all over the globe to have a magnificent time. The experience of tourists is not always the same at any given place as few encounter nice people and many encounter hoaxers. Similarly, if you are a first timer to Vietnam; you will take back your own impression of the country. It is always better to be prepared and knows a little bit of the place beforehand.

It’s better to be scrupulous!

Visiting Vietnam or for that matter, any country one needs to be careful. Your travelling encounters also change if you travel on a luxury trip or are a backpacker or budget traveller, but being aware is the best thing to do.

    • Fake tour operators:

      The cost of the trips provided in the country by agents, hotel and operators are generally a big fraud. Do it directly by yourself.

    • Taxi scams and stolen luggage:

      Being very populated and having high numbers of tourists has increased overpricing in any mode of transport and theft has also considerably increased.


  • Traffic incidents: Accidents in Vietnam is very high as the roads are overcrowded and public transportation should be preferred.


  • Hospitality industry:

    Others are sweet but the people in the hospitality industry are often rude and overcharge for everything.

The country is economically weak and thus practices fraudulent ways to earn from foreigners. But being vigilant eternally helps as adversity can hit at any place.